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  • An on-site athletic work-out facility is available to all residents
  • Staff develop individualized exercise plans with each resident
  • Individual trainers and coaches are available for additional fees
  • Residents will have access to a nearby off-site, supervised swimming pool on a weekly basis

Social Opportunities

  • Staff assist residents in developing a list of contact information on friends and acquaintances to have available for gatherings or social occasions
  • Residents are encouraged and helped to make weekly social plans
  • Monthly large trips to nearby cultural and recreational venues (St. Louis Zoo, Cardinals baseball game, Six Flags, etc.) are offered
  • Weekly planned on-site activities are organized by staff
  • All activities are designed to expand horizons, challenge skills, and increase resident confidence in the community
  • Staff monitor and advise residents to make healthy, wise, and appropriate social decisions
  • Annual trip (optional) to Disney World, etc.


  • Staff identify and partner with local companies and organizations to provide appropriate paid employment or volunteer opportunities for residents
  • Every effort is made to match residents with an employer or volunteer organization based individual needs, skills, interests, and abilities
  • Staff provide on-site job coaching to residents on a semi-weekly basis to build confidence and achieve job success and satisfaction
  • Staff work with employers to be understanding, accommodating, and appropriately demanding of residents


  • Staff assist residents in scheduling and attending annual physical and dental exams and communicating with medical professionals.
  • Staff will offer support to residents with ordering medications.
  • Nearby emergency medical services are available to residents
  • Staff will make counseling and other community supports accessible to residents
  • All costs associated with medical, psychological, and therapeutic needs are the sole responsibility of the resident's family or guardian.
  • St. Louis LIFE is not licensed and cannot provide medical or skilled nursing care, nor is it responsible for medical care decisions.
  • Due to recent federal legislation, St. Louis LIFE cannot share medical-related information about residents with any person or institution without written permission from the resident's legal guardian(s).
  • Residents must be capable of managing all aspects of medical needs, including the administration of medications.


  • Daily breakfast and dinner meals are provided to all residents in the dining room.
  • Residents are on their own for lunch. All residents will have access to the kitchen for lunch meal preparation
  • Residents are offered advice on and encouraged to make healthy food choices
  • Transportation is provided to a grocery store weekly and assistance with meal planning and shopping is available
  • Staff assist residents in learning how to cook and prepare a daily lunch meal using a nutritionally-based menu system
  • Staff will accommodate special dietary needs to the best of their ability.

Life Skills Assistance

  • Staff meet with clients weekly to help them organize and manage their finances, schedules, mail, and transportation
  • Staff help residents develop a system to identify and track weekly needs related to hygiene and household products
  • Staff facilitate a process for residents to work together to create household rules
  • Daily household chores are broken down into steps and a mutually agreed upon schedule is created with staff assistance
  • Laundry is checked weekly and help offered as needed
  • Staff supervise and assist residents in completing a thorough house cleaning weekly
  • Hygiene needs are reviewed weekly
  • Residents are educated how to use the local public transportation system
  • Regular continuing education classes are offered on topics and issues determined by residents

Library/Computer Lab

  • A small library of books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs is available on-site to residents using a check-out system
  • The local public library branch is within walking distance of campus
  • Regular reading and writing time will be included in residents'; schedules.
  • A computer lab with internet access is available on-site
  • Staff will assist residents in establishing an email account to communicate with friends and family
  • Internet access will be appropriately monitored by staff
  • Regular classes are offered on computer-related skills, software, Internet browsing, etc.
  • Additional computer training will be made available to residents for additional fees.


  • Residents are provided with information about local resources that relate to their spiritual life and assisted with contacting such if so desired
  • Transportation to local congregations and synagogues is provided
  • Residents are offered opportunities to participate in a faith-based activity on a regular basis

Other Supports

  • Residents are required to have their own cell phones for safety, transportation, and communication needs
  • Residents are encouraged to schedule at least weekly phone calls with their families
  • Staff are available on-site 24/7 in case of emergency
  • Each apartment is equipped with an emergency button that notifies staff instantly

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