Individuals or organizations interested in making a donation to St. Louis Life should download and print the form below. Your tax-deductible donation will be used to support the work of St. Louis Life. St. Louis Life is a registered nonprofit corporation (Federal Employer Identification Number 20-2372696) in the state of Missouri and has 501©3 status with the Internal Revenue Service. Each donor will receive a written confirmation of their donation.

Mail this form, along with your donation, to:

St. Louis Life
929 Rolling Thunder Drive
O’Fallon, MO 63368

Or, feel free to donate online with Paypal. Simply click the Donate button and you will be taken directly to Paypal where you can complete your transaction.

St. Louis Life’s mission is to enable individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve independent living and live full and enriched lives.

What are Missouri NAP Tax Credits?

St. Louis Life has been approved by the Missouri Department of Economic Development, through the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP), to make state tax credits available to any eligible person or business in Missouri. The NAP credits allow a qualified donor to reduce their Missouri tax liability in addition to the typical state and federal deductions. The following is an example of a tax payer who is subject to the alternative minimum tax (AMT) and in the 28% federal tax bracket:

For a $1000 cash gift to St. Louis Life using NAP tax credits:

Missouri NAP Tax Credit (50% of donation) -$500
Federal Income Tax Deduction (28%)) -$280
State Income Tax Deduction (6%)) -$60
Net Cost to You (estimated)) $160

St. Louis Life advises that you consult your tax adviser on your eligibility for the tax credits and how they may be utilized in your circumstances.

Who is Eligible?

Any qualified person, firm or corporation in business in Missouri is eligible to receive credits including:

  • Individuals with income from royalties or rental property
  • Sole proprietors
  • Corporations
  • Small Business Corporations (S-corps)
  • Partnerships
  • Individual partner in a Partnership or shareholder in an S-Corp
  • Limited liability corporations
  • Farm operation
  • Financial institutions
  • Exempt Charitable Organizations
  • Insurance Company

Is there a minimum donation amount?

Yes, St. Louis Life has set $500 as the minimum donation to be eligible for tax credits. St. Louis Life will distribute its allotted NAP tax credits on a first come, first served basis.

What do I have to do to get the NAP tax credit?

  • Make a qualified donation (minimum $500) to St. Louis Life and request the NAP tax credit.
  • After St. Louis Life receives the donation, we will mail you a Tax Credit Application to be completed.
  • Mail the completed Tax Credit Application along with a copy of the front and back of your cancelled check or other documentation of your donation to St. Louis Life. The Tax Credit Application must be submitted within 12 months of the date of the donation.

How will my contribution be used at St. Louis Life?

Contributions to St. Louis Life will be used to address general operating expenses, specifically those related to SLL’s direct support staff. Staffing and related costs are the largest expense in SLL’s annual budget and are critical to SLL achieving its mission. Direct support staff provide a variety of employment, social, recreational, and educational supports to SLL residents, helping them achieve independence.

Annual program fees ($43,000) do not cover the actual cost ($62,930) of providing the important supports to St. Louis Life residents. St. Louis Life depends on the generosity of its donors, especially its families, to fulfill its important mission.

May credits be transferred or sold?

No, NAP tax credits are not transferable or sellable.

Is the NAP credit refundable?

NAP tax credits are not refundable. Credits earned may only be used to offset actual liabilities. If you have credits in excess of your liabilities, you are allowed an additional 5 years to claim them. After 6 years, any unused credits will be forfeited.

What will be the amount of the credit?

The amount of credit is equal to half of the contribution.

What kinds of contributions qualify for the credit?

Contributions of cash, vehicles, stocks and bonds may all qualify for the NAP credit. If you wish to contribute something other than cash, you are urged to first contact St. Louis Life.

What if I have more questions?

For more information, to find out if you qualify for NAP tax credits, or to reserve NAP tax credits, please contact Andy Conover, SLL’s Executive Director, at 636.561.1900 or

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