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Andy Conover

Andy Conover, Executive Director

Bachelor of Science in Education, University of Missouri-Columbia, Master of Education in Educational and Counseling Psychology, University of Missouri-Columbia
Years of Experience:

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Eric Barnes

Eric Barnes, Program Coach

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Jennifer Buchholz

Jennifer Buchholz, Overnight Assistant

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Cori Costello

Cori Costello, Program Coach

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Tatiana Cass

Tatiana Cass, Overnight Assistant

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Kevin Crawford

Kevin Crawford, Driver

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Janel Dahm-Tegtmeier

Janel Dahm-Tegtmeier, Program Coach

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Kelly Good

Kelly Good, Program Coach

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XXXMelissa HarwoodXXX

Melissa Harwood, Activities Coach

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Jon Itzkowitz

Jon Itzkowitz, Program Coach

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Mark Karp

Mark Karp, Driver

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Laura Kohnen

Laura Kohnen, Personal Trainer

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Harold Layton

Harold Layton, Overnight Assistant

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Inga Mockapetris

Inga Mockapetris, Activities Coordinator

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Alexis Price

Alexis Price, Overnight Assistant

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Nadine Ricketts

Nadine Ricketts, Program Coach

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Forrest Tegtmeier

Forrest Tegtmeier, Overnight Assistant

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Virginia Tashler

Virginia Tashler, Administrative Assistant

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Sara Devine

Sara Devine, Program Coach

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David Woldengen

David Woldengen, Program Coach

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Olivia Butler

Olivia Butler, Program Coach

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Luke Szabolcsky

Luke Szabolcsky, IT Support Specialist

contact Luke via email

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